The Zox race came from the planet Zalphanum Zallaputorius in the exterior paradigm. They were an immensely powerful race that fought in a war which ended in their almost death. They are extremely endangered, having only one of their kind left.


A Zox was capable of living forever. No virus could ever destroy them, and the only thing able to kill a Zox was something as powerful or more. They had organs which, if wounded, enabled them to replace their injured bodies with new, unscathed ones. This varied from grade Z to grade A. Grade Z could easily be done with no pain whatsoever, but grade A was known to tear some Zoxes apart. They are immortal.

They were also gifted with several plasmichemically infused hydrocarbons, or essentially, powers. The plasma's structure could be altered by radiation vented through the Zox's ducts, and the altered plasma would be placed inside hydrocarbons. The different reactions given off by the different versions of radiation-altered hydrocarbons can freeze and heat things, and also alter their genetic structure.

A Zox's powers could transform them, too. Their genetic structure could be altered, adding or subtracting and rearranging particles, essentially, shape-shifting them. They can simply hold back the radiation, so the plasma is just hydrogen plasma.


The Zoxes have a rich history, quite literally, as their money currancy was easily obtainable. They were engineering from the start, and their only goals were to achieve power over everything, and to discover all they could. A Paradex architect named Shadow widened their range of exploration by designing the Paradex Dimes, but the Zoxes sister species, the Zaleks, wanted it, and began a war; the winner would gain power over the Paradex Dimes.

Neither won; the Paradex engineer survived, and so did a Zalek battle cruiser of four. Shadow was able to destroy them all, but one survived and has built up armies. The war is still in progress.