The Zalphus Prophet of Scribe was one of the 8 Zalphus Prophets, as one might guess from the name. He wrote down Prophecies of things that would be written in the future; things that might change the Paradex Dimes. Below are some of his more famous prophecies:

Notable PropheciesEdit

Once upon the life of one, the world of literature has begun. In past this occurred but now changes all, but none may return at the stone-writing downfall. Writing begins and depression must end, and in writings that change the world, can make amends. We use the right word for the good or the bad, and the consequences powerful be happy or sad. -ZY552.

The many books taken for granted today, are always available on mountain display. The cliffs of Atistofolotipametterz, are carved into endlessly different letters. As destiny's written and all is recorded, we hear it from here on our homeworld of Ssohrddyd.