The Zaleks were, in a way, the 'sister race' of the Zoxes. They were from the moon of Zalphanum Zallaputorius, named Zaleer, which in turn had three of its own moons.


The Zaleks have had multiple cybernetic implants invented. These include the ability to send a nurone impulse through a gunstick to produce a beam completely deadly to anything it hits. They also had immortality like the zoxes. There only real weakness was Antizalek raditaion, harmless to anything else. They are, like zoxes, shapeshifters and capable of killing a zox.


The Zaleks were created by the superterreforms the Zoxes used to spread life everywhere. they then attemted to sieze the parredex dimes. this started th zozmic wars which wiped them out!