== Venus Enviorement==

Venus has average surface tempuratures of 400 degrees and has a, mostly CO2, sulphur rich atmospere. Its surface is a cornocopia of volcanoes and lakes of liquid tin, lead and other, similar metals. Its atmosphere is 100 times that of Earth and contains Sulphuric acid, Hydrocloric acid and other dangerous substances. It has 0.9G's of Gravity and 3.8 billion years ago was the same tempurature as Earth.

Life FormsEdit

There are Carbon based bacteria living in the CO2 lakes on the surface but multicellular, atmosperic creatures living in the higher areas.

There is only one space faring civilisation on Venus but it is descended from a race who came to Venus 4 generations back. Venus city is home to a race from Terraflux Major, a planet very similar t Venus. The city economy is built on the trade of the, highly nitritios fungal organisma found in the upper atmospere which are high popular on the Galactic market.