Titan's EnviorementEdit

Titan is one of the moons of the Gas Giant Saturn. Titan has a thick atmosphere, 1.5 times that of Earth. This is made mostly of Nitrogen, Methane and some Hydrocarbons. It enjoys frequent rainfall of liquid Natural gas and has both Hydrocarbon lakes, marshes, and also medium expanses of dry land. Its surface tempurature averages at -180 degrees celcius which means that liquid water is only found in tiny quantaties, mixed with the Natural gas in Titan's lakes.

Local InhabitantsEdit

The planet has abundant multicellular marine life and some amphibios creatures. No space faring Civilisations are truly native to Titan. Non-Sentient beings that reside on Titan include:


Titanox Haaemsataarrs

Titanian Mammalia




Titanian Fabrica



Many races which have entered the Sol Star System have stopped on Titan for fuel and to enjoy the beautiful landscapes. The Human race themselves have sent the Cassini-Huygens probe there to examine the environment.

One sentient, space-faring race migrated there at the time when the year of Earth was 1105. They changed their species' name to the Titanians due to their new home, but this is often confused with the Titanians, of the moon Titania in orbit around Uranus.