== Theian History==

The Theians, or Tinianians, as they called themselves, lived on the planet Thea. 4.6 billion years ago, the planet started to approach another, a hot, hellish world, it would eventually be known, as Earth. The Theians technology was highly advanced, and they hatched a plan. They transformed their entire population into tiny spores. When the planets collided, they fused and a piece broke off which became the moon. The spores spread through the planet and, soon after life developed, through the ecosystem. creature after creature, the seeds would travel up and down the food chain until the time came. The spores were set to hatch as soon as the spieces they were in was capable of space travel. This happened then, in the 1950's. The spore morphed onto the hosts, then, after two generations, it would hatch. The DNA of the Human and Theian would blend and, over the courseof ten years, the concsios would slowly emerge until, they revived. They had resurrected their race, and never left their planet!


Theians were weaker than humans due to their low gravity, they breathed Nitrus Oxide and had a strong aversion to UV radiation. However, since they have geneticcally assimilated with humans, they are able to survive in an Earth enviroment, however, unlike humans, they are not affected by the laugh inducing affects of Nitrus Oxide.