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Space station Gamma is a research station found in the Shellinite Nebula. In 2345 a new project was started, through a combination of Super-evolution, crossbreeding and genetic engerneering, they were planning on developing super-crops, plants which could generate food and oxygen in almost any enviorement. What they inadvertentdly developed were the 'Black Hole Plants'. They spread to all the plant life on board. The base was evacuated and locked down, leaving the plants to die. They survived however, and now, they live in the self sustained station.


The Station has a convincing artificial atmosphere and orbits a sun-like star in such a way that it moves across the sky just like on Earth and the sky looks blue. There is an artifical gravity and the plants act as a store for oxygen recycling and enriching the soil.

The Black Hole PlantsEdit

The Plants photosynthesis and can survive in a wide variety of enviorements. However, there cells posess the ability to, temporarily, transform into mini black holes, these are held in a field of gravity cancellation so the prey doesn't feel there pull unless it enters the mass, in other words, when they are in black hole form, don't touch them. They get there food in this form via super compressed matter. These fields repel polymers so it is advisable to wear plastic shoes if you are going to walk over it.