Martian Environment

Mars is a solid planet, it has 1/3 G of Gravity and 0.01 of Earths atmospheric pressure. Its surface tempreture varies between +20 and -40 degrees celcius. Its Atmosphere is mostly CO2 and its surface is a light pinkish butterscotch. The dust in Marses sky causes it to look red from Earth. It has, both CO2 and water, ice at its poles and experiences volcanic activity. It has seasons and its day is 40 minites longer than Earths. Under its surface are tunnels full of Water and this is were complex life has developed.

Life FormsEdit

Multicellular creatures are abundant under the surface and there is a huge level of diversity. There are two sentient, space-faring civilisations native to Mars.


Martians are what look like three-legged snails. They live under the surface of the planet and breathe in the warmer air from the inner planet. This means that they are quickly damaged when in direct UV radiation, and quick, direct bursts of Earth air can also damage them, as they are used to very thin gases.


The Kaijiu are space faring creatures that have an alliance with the Martians. They look like green, cillia-covered organisms that run on two legs and they can survive in the harsh conditions of the surface for short periods of time. They can only live within a temperature range between -7.32 degrees C and +4.66363 degrees C.


Mars, known in Martian language as Mmaahet, is an omnipotent life form who is known to Humans as the god of war in Roman religion and sometimes believed to be the same person as Ares (Ahrrz in Martian) in Greek religion. Like all other planets in this solar system, Mars is named after the omnipotent life form within, who corruptly controls the planet and its eco system.